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Nubia Z11 Mini Review – Solid Mid Range Smartphone

Nubia Z11 Mini Review http://www.mobilegeeks.com The Nubia Z11 Mini is a pocket friendly 5 inches with a full HD display Under the hood we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Overall performance is smooth and apps are quick enough to open. The only time we’ve really noticed that it’s not a high end processor is when we were editing photos, it took longer than we were used to to save when using Snapseed. At 138 grams and 8mm thick the Z11 Mini is sleek looking with a build that feels durable. With traditional Android hardware navigation buttons the Z11 Mini brings some surprisingly useful edge gestures to the table. Decidedly skeptical I did find my self using the 2 finger slide to control volume and the slide up to go to the previous app on to launch the music player or camera. The finger print reader on the back however wasn’t as reliable as the edge navigation with a 70% success rate which is enough to make me stop using it. The Z11 mini has a few future proof features, USB type C which is reversable, dual sim cards, expandable storage with an SD card. The camera is amazing for the price point, lots of high end features like timelapse and slow motion that have ok quality but are cool to have. Picture quality is well above it’s $230 price point, you can see with a bit of editing you get a great shot. The Nubia Z11 Mini claims 2 days of battery life but really gets through 1, the only time it was less than a day is when I used GPS heavily. Mobile Geeks feels confident recomending the Z11 Mini as your daily driver if you’re looking for a phone easy on the pocketbook.

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