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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Hands On http://www.mobilegeeks.com The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest in a legendary series of smartphone that create a new product category with the phablet, now the entire industry is focusing on larger handsets. Let’s find out if Samsung played it safe or really innovated with the Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a the first waterproof smartphone in the Note series, the improved SPen is also waterproof, need to take notes in the rain? No problem! The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is 5.7 inches and looks similar to the S7 Edge, it’s slightly more square and Samsung is calling the design language symmetrical beauty. If it’s possible the Note 7 feels better in hand than both the Note 5 and the S7 Edge as they’ve improved ergonomics and construction the glass. We go hands on with the Note7 which is Samsung’s latest smartphone. If you have any questions please leave us a comment below, we’ll be sure to respond.

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