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Samsung Galaxy Note7 vs Galaxy Note5 – Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Note7 vs Galaxy Note5 http://www.mobilegeeks.com The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the first waterproof smartphone in the Note series it’s still 5.7 inches with the same QHD AMOLED display and we finally have a MicroSD slot! But apart from the bigger battery, that’s kind of where the similarities end. The Spen is waterproof so you can write in the rain, but it’s also gotten a few improvements, you can hover translate, magnify and my personal favorite is create gifs from videos in just a few clicks, here is a goal from the euro cup that we can now watch over and over. Samsung Notes is a new app which combines Action memo, Memo, scrapbook and Snote all into one app. Nothing has changed, it’s all just in one interface that’s meant to feel like a real notebook. The processor has received a bump, storage is up from 32 to 64GB while the RAM remains the same at 4GB. we now have a type C usb connector and the camera on the Note 7 is the same as the S7 series, which is a very welcome improvement since the S7 camera is arguably the best smartphone camera on the market with better low light & instant autofocus. Security is a big focus on the Note 7 you can now unlock your phone with an IRIS scanner by simply placing your phone in front of your face. Knox also has a new consumer friendly Secure folder to keep things for your eyes only.

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