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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review http://www.mobilegeeks.com Design
It’s easy to dismiss the Galaxy S7 as iterative, unlike other galaxy’s, previous generations were pretty easy to tell apart. The S6 was a gorgeous smartphone, so the fact that they didn’t make a drastic departure isn’t something to look down on. Samsung has significatly changed the way their flaghshp smartphone feels in your hand. Elegant curves on the back make it easy to pick up off a table and it sits naturally in your hand the 2.5D glass on the front give it the same silky smooth feel when you spin it around. Everything looks and feels premium but this comes at a cost, the Galaxy S7 is slippery, you’ll want to cover up this beauty with a case because the Gorilla Glass 4 is not only on the front but on the back. This isn’t a fear that everyone has, the accident prone will want to be wary and at the same time be thankful that waterproofing is back with IP68 which means it can be submerged at 1.5m for 30 minutes.
If you’re looking for visual differences to set the Galaxy S7 apart the camera bump is smaller and more descete which comes at cost of the devices overall thickness 7.7mm vs 6.8, but we’re ok with this since we’re given a bigger battery.
The biggest design differences are waterproofing, making the camera bump smaller and adding in a MicroSd card (up to 200GB)
The finish is a finger print magnet and a glass back means that you can also break the back as well as the front of the phone. (klutz beware!)
in hand it feels like a new phone even though it looks so similar and that because of the same curved back as the Galaxy Note 5

5.1 inch 1440 x 2560 576ppi Super AMOLED
Samsung has always had one of the most stunning display’s on the market and the S7 is no exception.
A new feature we love is how it handles auto brightness, Personalized Automatic Brightness Control remembers your preferences at various levels of ambient light and then ties those settings to the current reading of the ambient light sensor.
Always on display is a theme is the 2016 flagship devices but the display moves around as not to burn out any one pixel, LG has different display technology so they can do always on in the same spot. If you’re worried about battery drain, the S7 uses the light sensor to detect when it’s in your pocket and shuts off the always on. But Samsung promises that this won’t take more than 1% of battery life per hour, thanks to being able to control every pixel of the Super AMOLED display – but that’s still around 15% of your phone’s juice gone per working day. The statistic they are throwing around to justify this is the average person checks their phone 150 times a day which consumes more than the always on display. I’d like to know how much more, but no number are being offered up.

Display Mate’s analysis, one of the most in-depth on the web, has already been conducted on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and it found that it had not only has the screen’s maximum brightness been raised significantly above last year’s model, meaning it’ll be easier to see in bright light, but it’s got the best auto-brightness seen on any phone. The latter is particularly important, as it means the Galaxy S7 will be able to decide how to best manage your battery while still letting you see the screen as clearly as possible.

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