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Samsung Gear 360 Hands On with Gear VR Comparison

Samsung Gear 360 Hands On with Gear VR Comparison http://www.mobilegeeks.com If you haven’t jumped on to the Virtural reality bandwagon, what are you waiting for? If it was a new headset from Samsung you’re in luck, along with the new Note 7 we got the Gear 360.
The Gear 360 had left the easily sullied white exterior behind for two tone blue black. The darker colors on the interior and exterior allow for a more immersive experience. The padding which rests on your face is much thicker and has an over all better more refined construction. The touch panel on the side has the same layout but is stylized differently, overall things haven’t changed too much to the over all design and navigation, but adding in an extra 5degrees from 96 to 101 will make a big difference in viewing content. We should also mention that since the note 7 comes with a usb type c connector the gear 360 comes with an adaptor so you can use it with existing samsung galaxy phones.

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