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Using WiFi to Steal Information & Protecting Yourself

Using WiFi to Steal Information & Protecting Yourself http://www.mobilegeeks.com We’ve all done it, connected to public wifi, even if you know better the temptation for free connectivity when you have none is more than most people can resist. The guys over at F-Secure showed me just how easy it is to lure people onto free public WiFi and take a look at what people were doing with their connection, passwords and all! Even though I’ve witnessed this first hand the truth is that I’m going to continue to connect to strange WiFi but I’m going to be a little smarter about it by using a few tools to help keep my connection free from hackers and voyeurs.

At home or work a group of trusted users are generally the only ones with access. Public Wi-Fi, however, is open to a wide circle of strangers that are simply in range of the WiFi signal. If the Wi-Fi isn’t password protected a hacker could do what we did, take an existing Wi-fi Signal and rebroadcast it, so we’re just taking existing WiFi and making it available for free, under a different name. We went with _Free_Wifi placing the _ before the name ensures that it shows up at the top of the avai

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